Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics Boys and Girls

In our Competitive Team programs, we strive to help each athlete reach his or her full potential while maintaining a healthy balance between school responsibilities, friends, family and life! This is a delicate balance that must be carefully tailored to the needs of each individual athlete. 
Through well-planned, safe and efficient workouts focusing on injury prevention, our athletes maintain the competitive edge and accomplish their goals both in and out of the gym.

Come join our 2020-2021 Team ~ Call to schedule an evaluation ~ 805-547-1496
While we are still training to prepare for competitions,
we will not be attending meets until 2021, tentatively, due to the pandemic. Subject to change.

The safety of our athletes, clients, staff and community remain our top priority.

Performance Athletics Gymnastics has continuously developed the highest level women's artistic gymnastics competitors in all the tri-counties since 2003. We are the only local gymnastics club that has had multiple athletes qualify to and attend women's artistic national gymnastics competitions, and proceed into collegiate gymnastics after graduation! 



  • Girls (ages 4-5)
  • Developmental
  • 3 hours/week

Athletes are developing skills and strength for the competitive team.


  • Girls (ages 5-10)
  • Developmental
  • 3 hours/week

Athletes are developing skills and strength for the competitive team.


  • Girls (ages 4-10)
  • Developmental/Competitive
  • 7.5 hours/week

Athletes are developing skills and strength for the competitive team. Competing at non-sanctioned meets locally.

Competitive Gymnastics TEAM Program

GIRLS Xcel & Artistic

  • Ages 6 years & up
  • Competitive
  • All levels USA Gymnastics
  • National Gymnastics Association 

BOYS Xcel & Junior Developmental

  • Ages 6 years & up
  • Competitive
  • All levels, USA Gymnastics

Athletes compete in local, state, regional and national competitions. All competitive gymnastics require instructor approval.

Gymnastics TEAM Program
 (includes all levels boys & girls)

Ava is thrilled to be part of the XCEL team at Performance. It’s the highlight of her week. All the staff at Performance are wonderful! Karen and Emily have high standards and they make sure that everyone improves in a safe and fun way. I would recommend them highly!!

Tricia -  Ava's mom

Tia and Carol at Nationals

Congratulations to Tia G.!

Tia has signed with San Jose State University.  

Full Ride!

2019 She joins the Spartans Women's Gymnastics Team!

My daughter, Tia,  has been taking gymnastics at Performance Athletics for over 10 years, since she was 6 years old  and it has been, and continues to be,  a wonderful experience.  The facility is both large and beautiful.  It is obvious to see that physical safety for the gymnasts are a priority , which is very important to us.   The office help and staff have always been kind, helpful and friendly.  Leslie, the owner and the phenomenal coaches there are highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about gymnastics,  making sure that each child is safe, having fun and learning life skills along with gymnastic skills.  We love that!
  As a result of this, my daughter’s level of self-confidence has grown exponentially over the years.   The year-round regular classes have increased her self-discipline, elevated her level of fitness beyond what any other sport could offer and in addition, gymnastics has boosted her desire to succeed in school as well as all other areas of her life; giving her an  “I can do it” attitude .   She has learned she has to get up each time she falls;  that working hard  pays off and to never give up .  
Our family and our daughter Tia have enjoyed making wonderful, life-long friends at Performance and for icing on the cake,  our family is beyond thrilled and grateful that the fabulous coaching of Stevie Blum and Don Eckert have given Tia the ability and skills to receive a Full-Ride Athletic  Scholarship to College for gymnastics!  We REALLY love THAT!    Thank you Performance Athletics!   C Gin

~ C Gin ~