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Competitive Gymnastics at Performance Athletics Gymnastics.
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Safety matters at PA GYM. We go above and beyond the competition to keep our athletes and community safe. PA Gym is proud to be in ongoing compliance with Covid risk reduction measures and best practices.

Our PA Team Program encourages a multi-sport approach, which aids in preventing sport specialization overuse injuries. YES, you can experience competitive gymnastics without sacrificing school work, friends and family time. YES, you can participate in another sport, YES, gymnastics is hard work. At PA GYM it is also fun and rewarding.

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Competitive Gymnastics Boys and Girls
Compulsory & Optional

At PA we participate in NGA (National Gymnastics Association). NGA is multi-sport and family friendly. It is structured to provide opportunity for advanced beginners to experience recreational competitive gymnastics and also builds up  through more demanding and high intensity upper optional levels 8-10, called Platinum and Diamond in NGA.

In our Competitive Team programs, we strive to help each athlete reach his or her full potential while maintaining a healthy balance between school responsibilities, friends, other sports, family and life! This is a delicate balance that must be carefully tailored to the needs of each
individual athlete. 
Through well-planned, safe and efficient workouts focusing on injury prevention and athlete wellness, our athletes maintain the competitive edge and accomplish their goals both in and out of the gym.

Each child in our program receives equal attention from our teachers. Whether they are the "best" gymnast or the "beginner" gymnast, "Every Child is a STAR at Performance Athletics!"

Join our Team ~ A culture of caring, where Every Child is a STAR. 805-547-1496
The health and wellness of our athletes, clients, staff and community remain our top priority.

Pre-Competitive Team Programs


  • Girls (ages 4-5)
  • 1.0-2.0 hours/week
  • Boys Zoomies now open

Young athletes that show natural aptitude for gymnastics.


  • Girls (ages 5-8)
  • 2.0 hours/week
  • 2x wk req.

Young athletes developing drills, skills and strength for Pre-Team.


  • Girls (ages 9+)
  • 3.0-4.0 hours/week
  • 2x wk req.

Young athletes developing drills, skills and strength for Pre-Team.

Competitive Gymnastics TEAM Program

Team Performance Athletics Gymnastics


  • Boys & Girls (ages 7+)
  • 3-6 hours/week
  • 2x wk min. req.

Athletes are developing skills, strength, and routine sequences for the Competitive Team.


  • Boys & Girls (ages 8+)
  • Competitive
  • All levels
  • National Gymnastics Association
  • Travel Competition required
  • Bronze & Silver 2x/wk minimum req.
  • Gold + 3x/wk minimum req.

Athletes compete in local, state, regional and national competitions.

Ava is thrilled to be part of the XCEL team at Performance. It’s the highlight of her week. All the staff at Performance are wonderful! Karen and Emily have high standards and they make sure that everyone improves in a safe and fun way. I would recommend them highly!!

Tricia -  Ava's mom