Gym & Learn Day Camp ages 3.5-5yrs

Gym and Learn Camp is a two and a half hour program offered up to three times a week. 1.25 hours of Gymnastics and 1.25 hours of Learning activities. Open to boys and girls ages 3.5yrs - 5yrs. 

Gym-N-Learn Camp is specially designed to meet the needs of preschool aged children.

Gym-N-Learn is offered Monday 10:00am - 12:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am - 12:00pm.

Gymnastics offers a fantastic opportunity for large motor development, strength, and flexibility.
Our Gym-N-Learn camp offers gymnastics in our 22,000 sq ft. facility and preschool learning in our Gym & Learn open air classroom. 
The learning hour will include a daily story, song, art activity, and small motor manipulatives, such as blocks, lacing beads, puzzles and more. The classroom time will allow students to work on small motor skills, language, math, and art, providing for a well-rounded learning experience. 
Students in this class can enroll in 1-3 days per week and must be emotionally ready to be dropped off at the gym for the two and a half hour class and be able to attend to their own personal restroom needs.

Our preschool hour includes arts, crafts, writing, and center choices that  have been chosen carefully with ALL developmental areas considered. For example, rhyming and songs are some of the BEST ways to promote early literacy.  This is why they are included in every session with new ones to match each theme.  When doing  centers, there are choices available that enhance one-to-one correspondence (a math skill), matching (math skill), and counting.  Small motor development like legos work on writing skills. Name writing gives us opportunity to talk about the different letters in each child's name which has MEANING to the children, rather than an arbitrary letter.  As children's  brains develop, they will naturally inquire about letters, numbers, and that opens lots of opportunities for teachers to meet them where they are in the moment. We are proud of our developmentally appropriate curriculum.