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We have made careful considerations and weighed risks and benefits in creating our Covid risk reduction policies which have been praised by the SLO OES. We have an excellent system in place which provides the safest experience possible. Covid risk reduction measures remain in place as required by the State, County and CDC. We are proudly in compliance. We care about you & our community!

When you refer a family that signs up for any of our regular programs you will both benefit in many ways.
You and your friend will BOTH receive 
  • The monthly promotional prize!
  • $10 discount in our Pro-shop
  • Both children will receive matching T-shirts!

TRIALS: $20 per hr class. If you sign up on the same day of your trial, you will receive a FREE deluxe goody bag.
(not applicable with coupons)

MEMBERSHIP: $35.00 annual membership fee per child (due at the date of enrollment; up to 3 siblings, any children thereafter are included with first three (3) children). Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of enrollment.

TUITION: Due on the first class of each new session. Payments received after that will be assessed a $5.00 billing fee ($30.00 for competitive programs). Visa, MasterCard accepted with $2.50 convenience fee. Automatic payment plan is available, see office. $30.00 fee applied for all returned checks. All sessions are 4 weeks unless indicated; proration upon request or make ups will be allowed for 3 week sessions when applicable. Pay by Class Rate is $20 per class (60 minutes or less) and $25 for (61 minutes or more) after initial trial class has been attended. Must call at least 48 hours in advance to reserve a spot; space not guaranteed. Sorry, NO refunds.

DROPS & VACATIONS: A drop notice form is required 2 weeks prior to cancellation date of class to cancel enrollment and tuition charges! Drop and vacation forms are available at the office. Email notices are no longer accepted; hard copy forms are required. You will be responsible for tuition for failure to notify the office. Vacation notice must be in writing 30 days prior to date in order to receive prorated tuition for any missed classes (up to two weeks for recreational programs only, any longer we must drop you from the class; not applicable to competitive programs).

DISCOUNTS: When you pay for three (3) consecutive sessions in advance you will receive a $10 discount off your total (NO refunds). Sibling discounts: $5.00 off 2nd child in program, $10.00 off 3rd, $15.00 off 4th, etc

MAKE-UPS: Permitted within 4 weeks before or after date of missed class, student must be currently enrolled. Please schedule at least 48 hours in advance or during a Saturday class in the child’s level. Failure to attend your scheduled make up will result in a forfeit of the make up/missed class. Missed date is required at time of scheduling. 

CLOSURES: Scheduled 2022 gym closures are: April 10-16 Spring Break; May 28-30 (Memorial Day weekend);
July 3-9 (Independence Break); September 3-5 (Labor Day weekend); November 20-26 (Thanksgiving Break); December 25-31 (Winter Holiday Break).
Sessions will have 4 weeks of class unless otherwise noted; when holidays interrupt sessions, members will be offered a make-up.

EVENTS: $25. $7 off for members if you pay for the upcoming session prior to the Monday it is due. Please see session calendar for more specific dates and times. $25.00 per clinic unless indicated; members & non-members are welcome; please sign up at least 48 hours in advance, subject to cancellation; account will be credited if cancelled.

GOT GOOD GRADES? Ask us about our Good Grades reward system!

WHAT TO WEAR TO CLASS: Athlete attire should be close-fitting, movement-friendly, and hardware-free. No bare midriffs. No two pieces. No jeans, buttons or zippers. Wear bare feet. Hair secured up and out the way. No dangling jewelry, no necklaces or bracelets.
Silks: Leggings and a leotard, tee shirt over is optional. All: Wear layers, mornings can be chilly.
Ask us about class uniforms! Click here for UNIFORMS BY CLASS.

PARKING: Please park in the lot nearest the gym. We ask that you slow down to keep it safe for frequent children and family crossings, as well as a friendly neighborhood cat. :) 
We want to remind all our clients and staff that overnight parking is not allowed, your car will be towed.
If you need to park overnight please go to the ABC kiosk at the south entrance near Broad Street and follow the directions to purchase a parking permit.
Cars parked overnight with out a permit will be towed.

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for choosing Performance Athletics Gymnastics.