PRESCHOOL Age Gymnastics 

Our Preschool age program is ECE conscious and designed by our industry professional. Enroll at Performance Athletics and both you and your child will enjoy this pleasurable and safe activity. Preschool gymnastics at Performance Athletics will enhance your child's physical and cognitive development, strength, and provide parent/child bonding.

 Preschool Gymnastics Camps & Classes Available
Parent Participation Groups for walking age and up are open!

Inchworms are BACK!
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Ages: Birth-Crawling

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Rollie Pollies is a 30 minute class

specially designed to promote

Bonding between baby and caregiver while laying a foundation for a lifetime of movement. This class will provide 30

minutes of semi-guided activities that

encourage sensory processing, eye

tracking, gross and fine motor skills, strength and coordination by using songs, finger plays, gymnastics equipment, and props to explore movement. The last 10 minutes of class will provide time for participants to review and explore, and provide time for caregivers to connect and share with one another.


MOMMY FIT: Get Active WITH Baby!

Mommy fit is a 30 minute full body workout that is done with baby! Bond with baby, meet other moms, and get your workout done in a fun setting. Participants should consult their doctor before beginning any exercise program. 

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Crawling baby with help from mom PA GYM


Ages: Crawling-Walking

Inchworms are on the MOVE! This 35

minute class will provide your baby with an opportunity to practice rolling, crawling,

balancing, climbing, and strength building activities in a playful, social environment. Caregivers and baby will enjoy bonding through songs, finger plays, exploring

gymnastics equipment, and props.

Participants will challenge themselves and explore movement in our creative and safe baby gymnastics class.

Crawling baby exploring PA Gym

Ages: Walking-3 years

  • Boys & Girls
  • 45 minutes, Parent & Tot

Parent participation gymnastics movement classes where parents help guide their child through a gymnastics obstacle courses and activities, including the foam pit and trampoline.

Family Fun Play PA GYM


  • Boys & Girls (ages 3 – 4 years)
  • 55 minutes

An independent gymnastics movement class for Pre-School age children. Classes incorporate gymnastics activities to enhance motor skills, balance, swinging, jumping, flexibility and strength, including the foam pit and trampoline.



  • Boys & Girls (ages 4- 5 years)
  • 55 minutes

Students learn fundamental gymnastics skills while making the transition into the fully gymnastics facility. Classes incorporate gymnastics activities to enhance motor skills, balance, swinging, jumping, flexibility and strength, including the foam pit and trampoline.

Preschool age Gymnastics PA GYM
Balance Performance Athletics Gymnastics Preschool age


  • Boys & Girls ages 1.5-5
  • All Levels
  • Parent Participation encouraged
  • 1 hour
  • Mon, Wed, Fri, & Saturdays.

Pay by class available. Sign up for the full session and save $$. Call for 2022 pricing.

Facility Performance Athletics Gymnastics

Our Preschool Gymnastics curriculum is designed by an ECE & USAG industry professional following Early Childhood Education/Development methods and principles.

Why choose PA? We have a culture of caring, professionalism, and safety.
We take the whole child approach to inspire, educate, and build confidence in all of our growing stars!

JOIN the FUN at PA GYM, "Where Every Child is a STAR"!