Family Fun Play is now called FAMILY FUN PACK with new modifications to our program to
accomodate covid risk reduction policies, and safety!

                                                             1 hour of family FUN

Please sign up 48 hours in advance to ensure a spot as space is limited.
Call 547-1496

Boys & Girls ages 1-5:

Monday 10:30am w/ Coach Mac

Tuesday 12:00pm w/ Coach Mac

Wednesday 10:00am w/ Coach Kasey


Friday 11:30am w/ Coach Kasey


*Boys & Girls Ages 2-12:

Family Fun Play Thursdays 5:30pm 


Saturdays 11:00am 

                                      All Levels welcome.
               Parent Participation with child is encouraged!

Parents please note: We invite you to explore the gym with your child, however please save the adult gymnastics for our adult gym class.  If you would like more information about our adult gymnastics program please give us a call OR click on the adults tab of our web.  
We are happy to get you signed up for some adult gymnastics!