Family Fun Play!

Does your child love to show off? Make your day at Family Fun Play. This is an open exploration class for ages 1-12.
Our little athletes LOVE to bring their grown-ups out in the gym to watch up close as they strut their stuff. And Parents love interacting with their child in our gymnastics circuits and stations so they can share the memories of
every step toward strength & confidence.

Please schedule ahead time 805-547-1496. Drop-ins are welcome although space cannot be guaranteed.

Parent Participation & Supervision
Parents please note: We invite you to explore the gym with your child, however please save the adult gymnastics for our adult gym class.  If you would like more information about our adult gymnastics program please give us a call OR click on the adults tab of our web.  
We are happy to get you signed up for adult gymnastics!

Family Fun Play:

Monday 5pm-6pm

Wednesday 11am-12pm, and 5-6pm

Friday 11:15am-12:15pm

Saturday 11am-12pm

FAMILY FUN PLAY is back with our Family Fun Pack. Drop-ins welcome. Save $ when you purchase the full 4-pack!

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