Why PA?

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   "Why PA" video   

5 Reasons Preschool Gymnastics

Watch the video below find out why Preschool Gymnastics at PA is AMAZING for your growing Stars, and worry free for you!

 "5 reasons parents LOVE PA Preschool Gymnastics" 

PA goes Above & Beyond

We continue to have public health measures in place.
We create smaller groups for enhanced learning.
We clean and disinfect after EACH class.
Our attentive and energetic instructors inspire and educate our students.
Every Child is a Star and receives equal attention from our teachers.
Our safety measures go beyond Covid risk reduction.
Safety is a culture of caring, professionalism, facility and equipment upkeep, balanced lesson plans, proper supervision and qualified instructors that use positive coaching techniques. Child wellness goes beyond the cartwheel, and at PA Gym that matters!

4484 Broad Street, SLO, CA
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